Hotelbeds contracts, connects and efficiently distributes a differentiated portfolio of +100k properties to leading industry partners including online travel agencies (OTAs), retail agencies, tour operators and airlines.

They provide a solid platform for travel distribution based on our advanced API interface and a leading technology infrastructure.

Hotelbeds runs a customer service department with more than 700 agents distributed in different locations around the world, needing continuous training and updates. Hotelbeds chose Adhoc Learning learning management service to create its own Learning Toolbox site in a few days and start deploying a global learning plan in a few weeks.

Our conversation with Viola Ammersdoerfer:

Adhoc Learning: Why do you consider Adhoc Learning an appropriate solution for your enterprise and more precisely for your Education Department?

Viola Ammersdoerfer: Adhoc Learning is providing us an amazing LMS tool and superb support for any issue or question we have. It’s a great tool to deliver a high impact learning culture. It offers us a highly reliable and resistant platform with a global reach. Adhoc Learning supports a big company size and is tailor made on the same time. The support and communication are excellent. This way we can bring our employees to the next level.

Adhoc Learning: Up to what extent do you think Adhoc Learning responds to your current and future needs?

Viola Ammersdoerfer: I need a flexible Learning Management system that offers interaction with the learners and motivation and helps improving efficiency to the company. As solutions in Adhoc Learning are adaptable a growth can be achieved together. Modern tools like H5P go the future gamification way.

Adhoc Learning: What do you like more in Adhoc Learning?

Viola Ammersdoerfer: The solution oriented mindset, flexibility and client orientation.

Adhoc Learning: In your opinion what needs improvement in the service offered?

Viola Ammersdoerfer: Maybe offering bridges to connected needs like content creation (gamification, videos, tutorials, interactive manuals, etc.) and compatibility with other tools like Salesforce, etc. The possibility to modify something in Moodle itself.


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