An online Learning Management System solution (LMS solutions) as any other package based solution requires some flexibility in the organization where it is implemented. Usually almost all packages in the market cover the basic functions required, but not many reach to the point where you may interoperate and customize features up to your management requirements.

Integrate with other company software, generate specific follow up reports, support the many different format files, run on current and future physical devices, operating systems and web browsers. All these key characteristics of an LMS software may become a headache if you do a wrong choice.

We, in Adhoc Learning hace decided for Moodle LMS after experiencing all the above since the beginning of e-learning. We have worked with proprietary LMS packages and at the end we moved to an open system like Moodle because reliability, robustness, versatility, and why not to say, user friendliness, specially of the latest version 3.0 and upwards.

Our differentiator is the LMS service we have added to the product, we keep up to date your LMS portal with no additional charges, when a new version comes to life, we analyze it, we test it, we assess pros and cons and impact on your current portfolio, and eventually if appropriate we install it for you. Then we train your staff on the new features or changes that may have occurred. All transparent for you.

Once you got an up to date and customized LMS portal, we also take care of you, any obstacle, any action you may want to launch in your company using your LMS portal, will have our support. We have set up a Customer Support site that allow you to report issues, questions and/or suggestions that will be able to follow up with our help and technical support.

Company education processes and contents may required some little adjustments but that will be a solid investment for the future. Not many products in the market have a so wide implementation base and added to that we create for you a set of tools and reports fully integrated with the LMS portal that will ease your LMS management activities and ensure your e-learning implementation success.