Managing yourself a Moodle installation can be challenging, if you don’t know exactly how to do it, the list could be long:

  • Version updates evaluation, installation, set up.
  • Plug in integration, impact on your available content.
  • Bug reporting and follow up.
  • Optimum use of features. Integration and interoperability with other systems

Benefits of open source learning management systems are clear when you know the software world and strategic implications that conveys. “If you’re looking for an open source LMS, Moodle is the obvious choice. With millions of users and installs (check wikipedia for specific numbers), it is going to be around no matter what.

Making it the top choice for open source LMS. Rated among the 3 best LMS systems by PC Magazine

There is where you will value our service as we make your life easy for you. We take care of all the above and we train your authors and platform administrators, we use for that all available media and resources: workshops, webinars; one to one meetings and our support site for an easy and timely tracking.

That’s why you’ll be relieved to leave administration and customization entirely to us, so you can simply enjoy everything Moodle has to offer to its users and you will dedicate to what you know best to do, that’s teaching.