E-learning, a Corporate Training Solution

Companies have a need to keep their customers, employees, collaborators and suppliers up to date in products, services, company strategy, best practices, policies. Many people do that through face to face meetings, documents distributed by email or even corporate web updates.

All these media, although necessary, is difficult to track, not only attendance but the effect. You always miss people in distribution lists, you never have up to date distribution list, your Excel spreadsheets always end up being a bottle neck.

Having e-learning as part of your corporate communications and education strategy has unquestioned advantages from process quality point of view. Moving to e-learning you reach to a new dimension as you can measure results. You may implement a flexible and dynamic Kirkpatrick model. And most important assess the return on investment.

Reach your employees anywhere anytime, timely broadcast your strategy, measure attendance, knowledge acquisition, later effect and implementation, etc.

Make your surveys, conferences and workshops for your customers, employees, collaborators and suppliers more affordable and efficient. We are here to aid you with your online corporate training.