We invite you to learn a simple and structured technique to align your education program to business and to transform it into a blended learning one efficiently.

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Webinar objectives

Education practitioners from all kind of education institutions know how challenging is to offer the right education to the right people in a business dynamic environment. In this webinar we will show you the basis of a technique that will help you align your education catalogue to business keeping in mind your implementation resources and costs.
The technique shown you will challenge your analytical skills too.
Session objectives focus on understanding:

  • Which criteria to use when you have to rank your education program based on business objectives
  • Which criteria to use when you have to decide which courses to transform into a blended mode
  • How to prioritize courses to set a transformation plan into a blended learning approach

In addition, during the session we will present the tool to be used to compile all the information gathered and to prioritize your education initiatives.

Watch this 45” podcast to introduce you to the content of the overall event


Human Resources Managers, School Managers, Academic Directors, Education Consultants, Language Teachers, Curriculum Managers, Trainers and Educators.


Jose M. Fernandez, Adhoc Learning and Adhoc Language CEO

The webinar is part of the 2019 practitioners’ education program from Adhoc Learning and Adhoc Language.

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Click here to read more about the techniques to be discussed in the webinar.

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