DATE: Thursday May 17, 2018 at 1pm or 4pm UTC+2

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Testing students is not enough to find out how efficient and effective our education process is. To have meaningful metrics it is imperative an optimom use of your education resources.

When implementing an online education strategy you need to set key indicators to measure the return on education (ROE). Somebody said “what can’t be measure, can’t be improved”.

Enterprise education requires alignment to business and ROE.

Education as a business requires to be market oriented. Quality controls need to be implemented.

In the session we will develop those subjects presenting simple techniques.

  • Course structure critical enabler of metrics
  • Education a market product
  • Enterprise education aligned to business goals

School Managers, Training Managers and Coach Consultants from education departments, business and language schools, consulting firms and education institutions.


Jose M. Fernandez, Adhoc Learning CEO

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