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March 2018

Select your best corporate e-learning LMS

March 2018 by Adhoc Learning Team

In this webinar we helped education practitioners and managers to take the right decision when selecting an LMS. You may find interesting our articles on the related subject. Titles are “Become a Strategist”… read more here. and “Fulfilling promises” … read more here.” You may watch the webinar recording in our YouTube Channel …click here.

Don’t miss our next free webinar: “Learn with the new Moodle. It’s oodles of fun!”

April 19 2018 by Santiago Moral

As a key follow on subject we have announced a free webinar to learn more on Moodle as one of the best LMS platform in the market according last PC Magazine article… read more here.

Implementation and deployment of e-learning best practices

When serving our customers we take good care to ease their lives to help them succeed in their education activities, for this reasons we focus on implementation and deployment. In the following section we share with you two critical best practices where we have trained our community.

  • Professional competencies
  • Adaptive learning

Manage competencies and education needs online workshop

January, 2018 by Jose Maria Fernandez

Participants had the opportunity to design and implement their own competency framework model applied to their business. Pros and cons and design constraints were evaluated among participants and moderators. You may also read our related article “Unleashing the potential of your employees”… read more here.

Adaptive learning, hike to the next level

February, 2018 by Jose Maria Fernandez

And how you can boost your business via online adaptive learning and level-testing. Treading through the wilderness… read more here.

Call to action was the “Level Tests as cornerstone for adaptive learning” free webinar… watch recording here.


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