Let me ask you an open question:

If you were a company’s CEO, how do you know how much ready is your people to digest a new strategy, help in the launch of a new product or just to mitigate customer concerns?

I guess that in a moderate percentage of cases you have answered they know what they have to do, but in another high percentage of cases you have answered “we will train them for that”.

The next question is “will training be the same for all of them?”. Here I am sure you answered “no”. Because in a team you find people of all kinds.

Good project managers and business development managers take into serious considerations training and education of people within their project plans. An education goes from providers, going through employees and collaborators and even customers.

Now the key is not to propose “coffee for everybody”. In current times there are intelligent ways to provide the “right training, to the right people at the right time” and the answer to that is to design an education plan starting from a clear current picture of needs. Usually the image is fuzzy, after three or four years, professionals, products and services has changed so much that require skills update.

How do we do it then? is probably the next question.

After more than 30 years living within education and technology fields, I’ve learnt that I only know what I can prove and perform, apart that “I only know that I know nothing”. Because of that I only may recommend to implement an agile and online competency framework at enterprise level that responds to your evolving business model. By having that you will be able to identify your education needs on time. Because you will empower people to let them know themselves what they need, in terms of training, to properly perform their job and reach their business objectives.

I am sure you are wondering now how difficult that could be. Answer is, it is not easy but i can be done. It is not fast but it is reliable. It is not simple but complexity is affordable. Specially if you get the help of a specialized company and a flexible, open and modern tool. We, in Adhoc Learning propose you to use a “cloud computing model” based on Moodle LMS (Learning Management System).

That’s crazy you may say, and you are right but in today’s world we no longer work with paper and pencil, we do it with clouds, bits and bytes. And putting all that in order we may reach a high level of control. Let me tell you how the story could be.

Imagine you define the critical professional competencies required for your current business, and then you assess your employees and know their skill profiles online. You may know how much you have to work them out to reach a required level. Can you imagine if that could be automated? Every end of the year, or a any moment in time, you press a button and get a report with what you have and what is needed. Your people become enterprise assets in a measurable way. Your company worths more, you have your tangible assets and the talent of your professionals. Professionals from the different business value chains: Production, Sales, Back Office, etc. Even that could be applicable to customers specially in the world of information where we are immersed today.

What if I tell you that this is possible. You just need to put together the right components:

  • a Learning Management System like Moodle, which from version 3.2 contains a Competency Framework and Learning Paths module
  • a Competency Governance Model, this is a made by a board of senior professionals and managers that
    • defines a competency framework that will be loaded into the LMS
    • handles learning paths and evidences validation
    • designes appropriate measurements and reports
  • an Education Program aimed to fill in the skills gaps within competencies

Once you have this infrastructure in place you may leave the engine work on its own and you’ll observe how progress takes place.

All this is possible but you must be convinced that education is a strategic tool that can attract prospects, convert them to customers, onboard them, and help them succeed – all in a way that is highly personalized and measurable.

By knowing the competencies required by your business you let your professionals know their way to success, you may set your education providers standards and clearly identify your ideal customer. And you can do that at all levels in the organization and with all the detail you need.

By implementing learning paths you optimize education efforts, increase training quality and motivation.

In Adhoc Learning we may help you with the tools and methods required and how to use them to implement your competency framework. You will have to populate it with your real data and “click the button”. Learn more about this subject in our self-paced online workshop “Manage competencies and education needs online”

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