In Adhoc Learning we consider critical to enhance our customers’ usage of our systems to make the best of their e-learning strategy. In that sense we also give high priority to customer education on the best practices, methods and tools required to successfully implement and deploy a blended e-learning strategy.

May be the first thing to do is to share with the reader the concept of “blended e-learning”. Blended e-learning is the discipline where you use the most suitable educational resource for each learning objective. For instance:

  • if you are learning a computer tool, why not doing it within the tool itself? That is in the computer.
  • if you are practicing reading comprehension, why not checking afterwards whether you acquired the knowledge or not contained in the reading?. That can also be done by a computer.
  • If you have to present a product to a customer. Why not doing a dry test by using a virtual classroom with some audience. Recording the session and doing a joint review afterwards?

All these are examples where you use technology. Technology that must be reliable and ready to use at your fingertips 24×7. It also requires pedagogy, there it is the role of the Teacher or Online Tutor.

In order to enable our professional community of practitioners we have designed a curriculum for the second half of the year. It is made of three Education Programs. Each Education Program is composed by:

  • an introductory webinar, where we list best practices, pitfalls, common mistakes, and we introduce the body of the program made by a workshop
  • in each workshop we create the environment for practitioners to experience each technique, to share that with colleagues, all moderated by experts and participants too.

We think those will be rich and valuable events that will increase your professional value.

We’ll be please to enjoy your presence.

Please find below a view of the overall Education Program.

Delivery of Virtual Classes in a blended mode

The opportunity to access a teacher should be like making a phone call, it has to be a learning experience.

 In this program we teach you how to create and deliver blended education where teachers and students connect through a virtual classroom and an LMS in a pedagogical way. The program is made of:

  • A Webinar on September 28th
  • A workshop from October 16th till November 3rd

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Motivate your students with “Online Tutoring”

After meeting many e-learning professionals we know many students don’t feel very motivated to study online. The root cause of the problem comes from the speed of the process of delivering content to students. In the other side teachers don’t have enough time to create appealing content for the many matters they have to teach. In these program we address both challenges by making attendees to experience design and delivery best practices within an e-learning environment.

The program is made of:

  • A Webinar on October 19th
  • A workshop from November 13th till December 1st

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Manage competencies and education needs online

Any education institution or enterprise has to detect precise education needs to fulfill their business objectives. How to do it? the answer is easy, if you know what your people knows and what they have to know you identify the gap. Technology is here to help you. Automated level tests, competency frameworks and the logic behind learning paths and itineraries is the response to that big challenge. In this program we address those subjects and let you practice with your own scenario in a private environment.

The program is made of:

  • A Webinar on December 14th
  • A workshop from January 22nd till February 9th, 2018

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