Enterprises find very challenging to manage their workforce competencies up to date. Having an up to date competencies inventory of your people will enable better workforce management. Having accurate competency gaps identified will serve as input to the yearly company education planning cycle. If these terms sound familiar this is your event where you will learn the techniques to manage your online competency framework and individual careers.

This program is made of two modules:

  • An introductory webinar on December 14th (two sessions 1pm CET and 4pm CET), where we explain the best practices on gathering education needs and implementing online competency frameworks. This is a free event lasting about one hour. Participants will get handouts and the event will be recorded.

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  • A three weeks online workshop from January 22nd, 2018 until February 9th, 2018, where you will experience those best practices by yourself and in common with other students and professionals, Read the description below. This is a paid event, have a look into the enrollment form for discounts.

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Purpose and objectives of the program

  • Automating education needs gathering
  • Moving from a conceptual view of a professional competency framework to an online implementation.
  • Deployment of competency frameworks in the enterprise.

Audience (no IT skills required)

  • Education Professionals, Curriculum Managers, Academic and Training Managers
  • Human Resources Managers, Human Capital Managers

Workshop agenda

The event agenda includes several webinar sessions.

Content is split into the following sections:

  • Sales Competency Framework case study
  • CEFR for languages case study
  • Design of your Competency Framework
  • Online implementation of competency frameworks on Moodle
  • Deployment of Career Path Governance Model
  • Assessing works and conclusions

Course activities are developed by participants using our Teacher’s Lab environment. Each participant will be provided with a private online campus environment where exercises will be performed and reviewed with moderators and peers in joined sessions.

By attending this camp participants will be able to successfully refine, implement and deploy online competency frameworks at their enterprises.

The webinar is free of charge

Price of the workshop: 50€

We offer 50% discount for those professionals or enterprises that are members of:

To enjoy this bonus please send an email with the subject: “Online Tutoring workshop enrollment” and mention the Group you belong to and we’ll send you an invoice.

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