In today’s times educating far away professionals is key for business, virtual classes can be instruments to provide a high quality service in that case. In this program; introductory webinar plus workshop we explain you the secrets to make it successfully.

This program is made of two modules:

  • An introductory webinar on September 28th (two sessions 1pm CEST and 4pm CEST), where we explain the best practices on delivering Virtual Classroom blended with online education. This is a free event lasting about one hour. Participants will get handouts and the event will be recorded.

Read more details and register to the webinar here

  • A three weeks online workshop from October 16th till November 3rd, where you will experience those best practices by yourself and in common with other students and professionals, Read the description below. This is a paid event, have a look into the enrollment form for discounts.

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Overall program objectives

  • To learn Virtual Classroom design best practices
  • To gain deeper understanding of the Blended Learning concept, design and delivery
  • To practice methods that prove Virtual Classroom to be efficient when combined with online self study and tutor-guided study
  • To mature on pros and cons of the traditional teaching model compared with modern blended type of education

Learning objectives

To design, implement and deliver a blended education module containing:

  • An online self-study part previous to the virtual classroom session
    • The classroom session delivery
    • The student’ assessment techniques to be used
  • To practice the types of Virtual Classroom sessions:
    • Broadcast lecture
    • Interactive session
  • To learn and practice presentation techniques

Workshop activities

The course is in workshop mode, that means participants will perform a number of exercises.

Timing is very flexible and self paced. You decide when to participate. It is expected that you work for 12 hours approximately in total but you are free to dedicate more or less, it’ll be for your benefit.

There are two webinars scheduled that will be recorded for later review as well:

  1. The “Take-off” webinar on October 16th by 4pm CEST, lasting one hour.
  2. The “Closing” webinar on November 5th by 4pm CET, lasting one hour.

Individual and collaborative activities will be monitored by the Workshop moderator (Online tutor) and students as well (playing the role of teachers)

Student’s dedication

It is expected you dedicate an average of 20′ per day, but as said this is flexible and you can do it at any time according your availability.

Student must bring a subject to be taught using a VC within a blended learning approach.

Tools used in the workshop

The purpose of the course is not to be trained on IT tools, although you’ll use them to perform the exercises. You’ll get the minimum information required to use the tools efficiently.

  • A videoconferencing system (Virtual Classroom) based on Big Blue Button v1.1
  • Some easy to use Moodle LMS resources
  • Some easy to use content production tools for text and video
  • A mobile App synchronized with the campus

It is up to the participant to present the exercises using MS Office products, although it is not required.

The webinar is free of charge

Price of the workshop: 50€

We offer 50% discount for those professionals or enterprises that are members of:

To enjoy this bonus please send an email with the subject: “Workshop enrollment” and mention the Group you belong to and we’ll send you an invoice.

Read more details and register to the workshop here

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