Education Managers and Talent Managers they all are perform key professional development activities of their employees in enterprises of all sizes. In many cases professional development activities don’t have the right visibility as they require to be specific to each person to be valued. If the size of the enterprise is not big enough, somebody will gather and perform their activities or in some case they won’t be performed at all with the negative consequences to the enterprise.

CEOs are very much worried about business growth and salesforce’ results. Let us say that sales people as interface between the enterprise and customers are the output of the overall company business model. Sales professionals cumulate the values and virtues of the rest of the company behind them. But also defects.

Values and virtues of the sales force are coined into their professional competencies. You know the proverb “garbage in, garbage out”. The degree of implementation of competencies through salesmen, together with quality products and services will result in business success. And implementations depends on how much agile your professional development processes are.

In my times at IBM, we had a robust professional development structure. But as huge corporations it was not as flexible as the market required, just because it was handled manually. So it was great but slow. In today’s world, where products and services appear and disappear every week, we are not allowed to hesitate, to even question needs, we need to execute in an almost automated way. There is a need of speed to streamline management, to automate as much as possible all repetitive tasks, where risks are also under control.

Then introducing an online management system to handle professional competencies, competency frameworks it is a must, where every corner of the enterprise behaves the same and best practices and business rules are unconsciously applied.

By knowing the degree of implementation and deployment of your competencies, you’ll be able to measure your workforce maturity and the expected business success. Once you know your professional’s maturity profile, you may forecast their education needs and you may configure the learning paths required for each profession.

Inventing the wheel makes no sense, why not letting computers to help you. In Adhoc Learning we help organizations to implement their online career development strategy by taking advantage of the features provided by Moodle LMS platform in that field. Should you like to know more, click here and enroll the “Online implementation of competencies in the enterprise” summer camp.


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