From Friday August 4th to Tuesday August 22nd

Enterprises find very challenging to manage their workforce competencies up to date. Having an up to date competencies inventory of your people will enable better workforce management. Having accurate competency gaps identified will serve as input to the yearly company education planning cycle. If these terms sound familiar this is your event where you will learn the techniques to manage your online competency framework and individual careers.

Purpose and objectives

  • Moving from a conceptual view of a professional competency framework to an online implementation.
  • Deployment of competency frameworks in the enterprise.

Audience (no IT skills required)

  • Education Professionals, Curriculum Managers, Academic and Training Managers
  • Human Resources Managers, Human Capital Managers


The event agenda includes several webinar sessions.

Content is split into the following sections:

  • Sales Competency Framework case study
  • CEFR for languages case study
  • Design of your Competency Framework
  • Online implementation of competency frameworks on Moodle
  • Deployment of Career Path Governance Model
  • Assessing works and conclusions

Course activities are developed by participants using our Teacher’s Lab environment. Each participant will be provided with a private online campus environment where exercises will be performed and reviewed with moderators and peers in joined sessions.

By attending this camp participants will be able to successfully refine, implement and deploy online competency frameworks at their enterprises.


  • Start Date: Friday August 4th
  • End Date: Tuesday August 22nd

It is expected at least 12 hours dedication to follow the whole course.

Teachers: Adhoc Learning Team

Price: 50€

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Bring two more participants with you and get a free ticket for your enrollment.

If you are a member of ASPM or AICA associations you get a 50% discount. In that case you enroll by sending an email with subject “Summer Camp” and your data to

If you are a member of the “Human Resources (HR) & Talent Management Executive” or “Human Resource Management” LinkedIn Groups you may enroll for free by sending an email with subject “Summer Camp” and your data to

Equipment required

  • Computer with internet connection
  • A headset to attend webinars
  • A smartphone (to install a mobile App)

Two steps enrollment process

  1. self registration in our Teacher’s Lab if you don’t have an account yet (watch a podcast in our site home scrolling down right below the header “Featured demo courses”)
  2. self enrollment in the course

In addition, attendees to the camp will be entitled to:

  • Free access to our Teacher’s Lab a private area to try creating their Blended Learning (BL) courses with our guidance.
  • A one hour of free consulting on implementing BL at their school or enterprise.

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