Working in education departments has been a challenge all the time in many professional aspects. You should be a good practitioner teacher and in many occasions you should be ready to digest non-constructive feedback from students.

If you develop such profession within an enterprise, in addition you should provide the right education at the right time to the right people.
If you do it in your own education enterprise, the market will bring to you the right people, this is one degree of freedom you get.

Years ago, in my times at IBM I worked in Human Resources and Education departments and I understood the complexity of professional careers, employee promotion program and competencies.

Later, I was moved to business and consulting divisions, you know people says, “IBM stands for I’ve Been Moved”, so that’s what happened to me too. In any case it was positive.

In business divisions one of the manager’s headaches is how to drive their employees through their professional development. In fact, one of key parts of the yearly appraisal is to compose the “learning plan” for each employee.

Current learning management systems are becoming more and more richer in functionality and incorporate professional development modules that handle all these matters, contributing to ease business manager’s life.

Moodle is not a difference, the newly released version 3.2 incorporates a module to handle competency frameworks and learning plans, you can see below the conceptual model that links all required elements.

I would say that having a flexible open online platform that allows you to incorporate SCORM complaint education and fit it in learning itineraries that fulfill professional competencies is a dream of any educator. Added to that if you may measure progress and motivate students to proceed with online education, you are the king.

Imagine a world where your job as a teacher has evolved to “blended teacher” where you run your onsite events combined with remote ones (webinars or virtual class) and with online education followed by students. You may implement the “Flip the class” model.

Well this dream is not too far, it is reality. Adhoc Learning delivers a platform under the Software As Service (SaS) model that responds to those needs:

  • User friendly, flexible and based on open systems
  • Virtual classroom enabled
  • Competencies and learning plans incorporated
  • Teachers’ support to compose education
  • Technology support to ease your life

You as Teacher or Training Manager take care of delivery quality education which is your core competency.

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