Moodle 3.2 comes with a new theme called Boost. It brings important advantages not only on the visible, but also under the hood.

Let’s start with the visible. The user interface is much (very much) cleaner than previous version. The long menu with tons of options has disappeared and now we have a very simple drawer on the left with a button on the navigation bar to collapse and open it. This first improvement allows having more space for the content and leaves the UI nicer and cleaner.

The user menu is now clearer and it is beside notifications and messages options, so it is very easy for the user to locate the most common functions.

In the course page the user gets an additional drawer with the course functions: participants, grades and sections. Simple and useful.

For the teacher and content creator all the options have been grouped under the “gear”. The most common options are shown there and for the rest there is an option more. Maybe other options would be more common that the ones chosen.

But the improvements in the theme go beyond the visible. The theme is developed on Bootstrap 4. Bootstrap is one of the most popular frameworks for web development. It is a kind of ‘de facto’ standard.

So, any component defined in Bootstrap 4 (website) can be used in Moodle. For example, you can add beautiful sliders or hot spots to the home page. Or you can add buttons or alerts inside the courses. All of that with only a bit of html code and keeping consistency all across Moodle site.

But going even beyond the options to customize your Moodle site with almost no effort are amazing. Moodle Boost theme is prepared to accept any Bootswatch theme. That means that you can choose from a menu of “look and feels” and apply them almost immediately to your site. An administrator can get the sass code and paste it in the settings to apply it directly. Using your primary brand color, of course. Even better, you can use Bootswatch bookmarklet to see (without any real change) how your site will look with your new theme before changing it.

You can go further and hire a designer to create your own Bootswatch theme and make your Moodle absolutely yours.

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