We all regret the difficult weather condition that Italy is suffering, specially the last events where many people lost their lives. It is not pleasant to come here having to link Online Education to the global climate change. Although sometimes it is key to bring the attention to show how Information Technology has helped human being and business to progress.

In our case we have to recognize that this is an opportunity to highlight the advantages of online resources to learn versus face to face. I am not saying that teacher’s presence is not important. Teachers are key to transform student’s culture and behavior, but as population grows education demand also goes higher and online education becomes crucial to cover those needs.

In parallel when people can not reach the places where education is delivered, is when online education becomes critical. The same happens in many other situations. As our agendas become busier we need time flexibility accessing education and only and online solution becomes “the solution”.

In a few days we’ll run a webinar “Building online education made easy“, in my opinion survival of business is linked to being able to offer online services as it brings flexibility to students and most important to teachers. It multiplies per hundred teacher’s capacity to serve students. Key is to offer quality content. If we can help teachers to build it easily and effectively, that will be our best reward.

To experience the flexibility an online program would bring to our business, we don’t need to wait until climate changes, I was talking to a language school manager, he explained me the troubles he had to handle as one of his teachers was ill and had to cover that resource with his own effort. I can understand that, but what if he would have used a well implemented online solution?. Small companies have very limited bandwidth, if one resource fails the company is under risk of not delivering its commitments. Having an online solution available would have smooth the transition when missing one teacher. Of course you need to have your remaining teachers up to date in teaching methods.

Other clients share with us the high erosion of students happening from the beginning to the end of the education course cycle. What if the course cycle never ends? If you have an online program in your portfolio, you may offer education all the time no matter the academic year ended or your in Christmas break. Students won’t forget about you, they will feel your mentoring and will keep studying with more or less intensity during absence periods of time, but they will come back as soon as the break is gone. Learning a language must be a continuum learning experience, we are not robots, after months not practicing a language we forget about it in a high percentage.

So as a conclusion, having an online system is like an insurance to your business. And using the online system is bringing value to it. Therefore your teachers are the first key element to immerse in the online strategy of your business.