the burden of books

The beauty and freedom of creating my own resources is that I no longer need to think of my book resources I have ready and the burden it can be to carry some of these things around town, when I have to manage an offline class. I can simply refer my students to the online platform I have ready for them and away we go. If I also want a quick visual reference, well, now I look at my phone, of course.

I can even remember back to only around 7 years ago when a teacher of mine complained that he had to carry so many books and so he scanned the written paper documents onto his laptop and took that instead. This was certainly a logical solution before smartphones became so ever present and at least he didn’t have to lug his printed and pulped tree trunks around any more.

Now, as we all know, as if it has already become a historical fact, consumers are now able to use smartphones to create their own video and audio media themselves and to some extent, edit the footage. One can even attend film festivals where entire works of filmic art are all shot on a mobile phone.

It is surprising, however, how many teachers and companies still need up to date resources and digital content at hand. The mobile phone now is just such an important crutch for the general public to access their favourite content, yet it still isn’t being used to help teachers and inherent language academies as a learning tool, enough.

Using this window of opportunity is exactly where blended learning can also become an essential part of students’ lives. If you are interested in using our content as a teacher or academy owner…do me a favour and just take a look the next time you are on the metro or in a coffee shop or even trying to walk down the street as someone is looking, attentively at their mobile phones.

80+% of consumers are at it and there will not be a decrease in this number. Why not tap into that and try to get your resources seen by your students?

While some of the time, many consumers in these settings will indeed favour a nice book, magazine or flyer to read, yet these media are becoming less and less frequent.  A perfect example of this is how a product such as Kindle is being accepted so freely and normally. My initial thoughts are also if I could gain access to my students through Kindle, now that would also be pretty sweet.

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