You won’t ever need to wait for your students to ask again

If you want your school…

  • to flourish with continued momentum,
  • to modernize your current image,
  • to offer personalized and flexible training programs for students who can not attend offline courses,
  • to be more profitable and sustainable

…It’s time to do something different.

Would you like to hear our proposal?

To facilitate a smoother path into Blended Learning, Adhoc Language has created 3 types of online campuses, for you to teach your language courses using a blended learning methodology, in an effective, simple and profitable way.

  • Get started in 24hours with our ready-to-use courses, or
  • create your own contents using our knowledge of the platform to guide you
  • Automate monotonous tasks like grading tests or administrative tasks, and save time
  • Photocopy free, store everything in your digital library for your students and teachers
  • Teach more students with the same number of teachers
  • Enable more free time for your teachers and increase their happiness
  • Provide a personal touch to your students, and take control and track their results

Moving into the modern-day world of blended learning will give you the edge over your competition, immediately and help you reach out to more customers, instantly

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